AIKO TOMI – Some Lights Need to be Dimmed

Credit: Phil Garstka

Toronto’s AIKO TOMI shares her first new song since releasing her debut album Animals Awake. And what’s the title? Don’t worry, we tell you. It’s called Some Lights Need to be Dimmed, and is driven by shifting bass synths that collide like stars in an ever-changing sky. To some extent, it has the feel of hyper-pop, but it remains too calm to be classified as such. Therefore, it deserves to be placed in its own corner.

Some Lights Need to be Dimmed expresses TOMI’s frustration with the current state of society that conflates self-worth and individuality with public recognition. Life has become so complex that it goes beyond necessity. I mean, you even have to know how to influence online. Like why? It’s good that AIKO doesn’t keep her thoughts to herself, and instead shares them with us, so we can discuss them.

Check out Some Lights Need to be Dimmed below!

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