Origami Tsunami Go ‘Hyper’

Continuously venturing into uncharted musical territories, Lancashire/Manchester’s Origami Tsunami provides yet another glimpse into their ever-evolving sound with their latest track, Hyper.

Origami Tsunani – Hyper

Since bursting onto the scene, Lancashire/Manchester’s Origami Tsunami has been making waves in the fiercely competitive UK-independent music scene. With their dazzling musicianship and captivating live performances, they’ve earned a reputation for stealing hearts and showcasing their undeniable skill on stage.

In their initial releases, OT delved deep into the realms of intricate and demanding genres such as math rock and post-rock, breathing life into mesmerizing tracks like Life Hack and Melody Sings. However, their latest singles have ventured into diverse musical territories, incorporating elements of psychedelia and punk with resounding success.

Their latest release, Hyper, epitomizes this approach—a track meticulously crafted to ignite a sense of invincibility and get listeners moving. Lead singer John describes it as a real crowd-pleaser, capable of spinning heads like Reagan from “The Exorcist,” possessed by its irresistible rhythm.

Hyper stands out instrumentally as one of their most straightforward tunes to date, clocking in at under 2:30 minutes. This punk-oriented piece sets aside intricate musical structures in favour of relentless drumbeats, infectious distorted guitars, and a chorus designed for audience participation. A playful nod to their masterful guitar work, reminiscent of their early releases, adds a final flourish to the track.

Hyper is a high-octane banger, a testament to Origami Tsunami’s prowess in the alternative rock realm.

True to its promise, Hyper is a shot of pure adrenaline, serving up a hefty dose of vitamin rock. So, don’t hold back—keep rocking out and headbanging until your heart’s content with Origami Tsunami’s electrifying anthems.

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