Sofia Camara – Who Do I Call Now? (Hellbent)

Breakthrough singer-songwriter Sofia Camara isn’t just making noise in her own country, Canada, but around the world as well. With Who Do I Call Now? (Hellbent), things really start to move. This ballad begins without being too theatric, even though it only masks what’s coming. And that’s a lot! Let yourself be prepared for a symphony of strings and piano. To top it all off, Sofia performs as if her life depends on it.

Who Do I Call Now? (Hellbent) chronicles a toxic relationship that comes to an end, with one partner experiencing heartache and yearning for reconciliation. This isn’t crazy since you share so many memories together. There’s a reason, the thought of saying goodbye just doesn’t feel right. However, maybe it’s for the best.

Check out Who Do I Call Now? (Hellbent) below!

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