Alexander Joseph Wants to ‘Break Free’

Embarking on a mission to spread positivity through his soul-stirring melodies, British singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph unveils his latest gem, Break Free.

Alexander Joseph – Break Free

Emerging as a beacon in the indie scene, folk artist Alexander Joseph is recognized for his inspiring narratives of triumph over adversity. His talent garnered recognition from BBC Introducing, with two of his tracks earning the prestigious Track of the Week accolade while two others aired on the platform.

In addition to his unwavering passion for music, Alexander consistently lends his support to altruistic endeavours. This commitment is evident in his 2023 EP, Stop and Breathe, dedicated to supporting the crucial global reforestation initiatives led by One Tree Planted. Notably, this record garnered him a nomination for Best Folk Act at the Radio Wigwam Awards. Furthermore, Alexander extends his dedication beyond the realm of music as a coach in the British wheelchair tennis program.

Continuing his legacy of crafting inspiring music, Alexander Joseph’s latest single, Break Free, delves into the frustrations of feeling stagnant and the longing for newfound horizons, encapsulating the essence of freedom through its poignant lyrics. This song draws inspiration from a poem penned by Alexander’s friend, Huw Phillips, incorporating elements of the original storytelling.

Infused with lively acoustic guitar strums and a resonant piano chord progression, his gentle vocal delivery adds depth to the composition. As the melody progresses, it builds into a vibrant cascade accentuated by emphatic drums and banjo, capturing the essence of liberation and freedom.

“Break Free is an upbeat anthem for the dreamer and the spiritually oppressed.”

Alexander Joseph’s mastery of the folk genre and his uplifting songwriting have solidified his reputation as a skilled storyteller. His focus on empathetic and motivational themes makes him an essential listen for folk enthusiasts everywhere.

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