Ami Lyons’ Can’t Help But ‘Hate To Love Ya’

Discover Ami Lyons’ polished indie pop-rock ‘Hate To Love Ya’

Ami Lyons – ‘Hate to Love Ya’

Love and hate exist more closely than we’d like to admit, proverbially two sides of the same coin. Ami Lyons neatly reverses ‘Love to Hate Them’ to become the song title ‘Hate to Love Ya’, reminding us of the thin line between the two.

Ami Lyons is a British singer-songwriter. Previously a solo act, she’s now back with a band hailing from all over Europe, with this being their debut single, and an EP planned for later this year.

‘Hate to Love Ya’ is a hooky little piece of indie-pop rock with honest lyrics and tight riffs.

Lyons describes their devotion to someone – ‘you call me, I’ll be there, any hour’ – that yet coexists with the fact that they ‘hate to love’ them. It echoes the frustration of feelings that you can’t seem to get rid of, no matter how you try you know you’ll ‘do anything’ for them. The melodies are well crafted, with the ‘hate to love ya’ hook being instantly catchy, and delivered in throaty, powerful lead vocals that instantly command centre stage.

The production centres around rich guitars that journey throughout the track, alongside crashing drums, steady bass and moody piano. This is clearly a tight live band, and bright backing vocals complete the set. There’s a flavour of 2000s and 2010s bands with this track, with acts like The Fratellis and The Noisettes coming to mind, but not to the extent that it feels dated. A track that goes down easily.

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