Heather Kathryn Comes Out Fighting On ‘My Tragic Life’

LA artist Heather Kathryn spares no apology as she lashes out for women in the industry with her single ‘My Tragic Life’. If you’re a fan of Avril Lavigne, Charlotte Sands and Paramore, you’ll kick yourself for missing this.

Heather Kathryn – My Tragic Life

Do the words ‘feminine rage’ speak to you? Then you’re in luck – get ready to feel heard with Heather Kathyrn’s newly released Pop-Punk anthem ‘My Tragic Life’. Drawn from her experiences as a woman in the music industry, ‘My Tragic Life’ is a punchy track that delves into the experience of oppression that women face both in and outside of the industry. She pulls no punches with her brash lyricism, so don’t expect to reach the end of the song without a reaction.

Hailing from the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, Heather Kathryn is battling to bring Pop-Punk back to the surface of Los Angeles. Having sung her piece at venues such as The Viper Room, El Cid, Whisky-a-go-go & The Troubadour, Heather is on an upward trajectory and makes no plans to slow down in her fast-paced LA life.

With influences such as Avril Lavigne and Paramore that transport the listener back to the 2000’s, Heather Kathryn’s ‘My Tragic Life’ is a headbanger that is sure to bring out the angsty teen in you. Heather’s performance is captivating and compelling, with powerful vocals that bring the punch to her provocative lyrics; think Charlotte Sands meets Hailey Williams and you’re on the money. Paired with Avril Lavigne-inspired edgy guitar riffs and spirited drums, you can’t help but nod your head and sing along to the infectious melody.

As it turns out, singing along is quite the statement and you’ll find yourself feeling understood if lines such as ‘Being a woman has kinda held me back’ and ‘Guess I’m only going places ‘cos I’ve got a nice rack’ resonate with you. Regardless of how nice (or non-existent!) your rack is, Heather Kathyrn brings an angry, sarcastic energy to ‘My Tragic Life’ that is sure to feel cathartically purgative to anyone who’s ever been less than satisfied with the hand of cards that life has dealt.

“Heather Kathyrn’s single ‘My Tragic Life’ is an infectiously catchy anthem that brings a modern feminist twist to pop-punk. Featuring evocative vocals and edgy riffs, it will definitely be seeing a place in my playlist.”

So, what’s next in store? In the summer of 2024 you can expect to see Heather Kathryn release her debut EP and take to the stage at NextFest Festival in May.

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