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Pillow Queens’ latest album, Name Your Sorrow, signifies a significant shift for the band, as they strive to be more transparent and vulnerable. This evolution is evident in their sound and the personal growth of each member of the four-piece group. Inspired by the poem ‘Atlantis’ by Irish writer and poet Eavan Boland, which explores the quest for a word that can encapsulate irrevocable loss, the album serves as a means for Pillow Queens to transcend the limitations of language in expressing emotions.

With an air of determination, the opening track ‘February 8th’ showcases Pillow Queens’ commitment to pushing boundaries. Taking their experimentation to new heights, this track blends vibrant synth melodies with powerful guitar riffs. The band boldly declares, ‘Let’s just play some rock and roll music’ – highlighting their expertise in the genre and proving that they will keep delivering their signature sound.

On ‘Suffer’, the band effortlessly transitions between brooding musical elements and lighter, more playful pieces, showcasing a perfect balance between sharp and soft. A catchy chorus is on display here, feeling like a real Summer track that should be ringing out at festivals, where the gritty guitar breakdown at ‘Suffer’’s core gives it an edge. 

‘Blew Up The World’ is an album standout, starting as a personal acoustic piece before it grows into something much bigger, its vines drawing the listener in, as the band delve into their feelings of loneliness before finding solace in their sorrow.

There’s an air of 90’s dream-pop to ‘The Bar’s Closed’, a slice of heart-break served with its lyrics, Pamela Connolly’s vocals are hauntingly mournful and add another layer to Pillow Queens’ sound palette. While the track carries a sad undertone, it also feels optimistic and resilient, as Connolly repeats ‘You’re not my life anymore, you’re not my life’ like a dagger straight through the heart, leaving a lasting impression. 

‘One Night’ then feels like a grand display of everything that Pillow Queens do best, loud and anthemic. Gratifying to listen to, it’s a real standout on the album, propelled with an overarching power yet still with an overall sense of darkness – something Name Your Sorrow finds itself synonymous with. 

Name Your Sorrow is an honest, raw, and powerful addition to Pillow Queens’ catalogue. Showcasing all of their talents, whilst taking listeners on an emotional journey through loss and loneliness, but still uniquely Pillow Queens.

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