Irish sensation Kynsy returns with unapologetic single ‘Money’

Irish indie sensation Kynsy shares scintillating new track ‘Money’ signs to esteemed indie label Nice Swan Records. 

Home to the likes of English Teacher, SPRINTS, Opus Kink, the Dublin-based indie is making new waves across the indie landscape. 

It’s been two years since Kynsy’s second EP ‘Something To Do With Love’ and this new material is filled with unapologetic raw emotion and biting guitar work. Slick guitars and fuzzy atmospherics layer over her raw and unfiltered voice as she tackles the maze of love. 

Speaking on her single, Kynsy stated: “‘Money’ is a song about the depths of love, nostalgia, and longing, painting a vivid picture of emotional complexity. Through references to past memories, desires for something more, and a mix of conflicting emotions like love, tears, and uncertainty, I explore the intricate journey of the heart. 

“The repeated mantra of ‘I’ll be okay’ and the juxtaposition of swimming and drowning in money hint at a quest for stability and reassurance amidst the emotional whirlwind. Ultimately, my words reflect a personal narrative of love, longing, and the unwavering belief that clarity will come in due time.”

Kynsy has garnered widespread attention since bursting onto the scene in 2020 and was tipped as a Ones To Watch artist in 2021. With further new material confirmed in the coming months, the musician is primed to build on recent shows alongside Black Honey and NewDad and is set to support the likes of Do Nothing and Honeymoan this spring.

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