Shenanygans arrive in style with sublime debut single ‘Count On Me’

If Shenanygans don’t somehow make it onto your “Summer” or “BBQ” or “Roadtrip” playlist then you won’t be doing this summer justice, because the Swiss four-piece have just given us a metaphorical dose of Vitamin D.

Hailing from Solothurn, Switzerland, Shenanygans only formed last year and have already got over 5,000 monthly Spotify listeners. You’ve two Irish frontmen Dan and Kaylem Hannon-Barry, Swiss-born drummer Tom Brunner and Swiss-Polish bassist Lucky Luk. Having already released three singles off their upcoming debut album ‘On Monte Verita’ it’s clear that the band are fully set on making their mark on 2024.

‘Count On Me’ is the debut single from Shenanygans. Let me say that again. This is their debut single…with the pristine production, stunning harmonies, and undeniable chemistry, you’d think this is the band’s 100th single. There’s not a note out of place or a moment wasted, Shenanygans really know what they’re doing.

The charm of ‘Count On Me’ is in its very obvious influences: there are Beatles-esque harmonies, Velvet Underground-style chord progressions and a glossy Beach Boys sheen. Not bad influences to draw off, wouldn’t you say? ‘Count On Me’ starts with stylish guitar chops before a simply beautiful vocal melody takes over. There’s an air of familiarity in the melody, it’s like a warm embrace from a long-lost friend – you’ll be instantly sold on it.

What’s remarkable about this Shenanygans release, is that it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, not by any stretch, but it’s a sound that’s been perfectly executed. So much so that by the first chorus you could easily forget that you’re listening to a new band and just assume that they’re one of the greats from the 60’s.

Speaking about the song, the band said: “Count On Me is a song about nostalgia and missing someone special. The memories can be bittersweet.

“This song is about holding on to those memories and never letting go, because relationships come and go but friendships never end.”

And I shouldn’t forget to mention the final guitar chord of ‘Count On Me’. It sounds weird to mention just one chord, right? But it’s enough to bring a nostalgic smile to anyone’s face.  And at a meagre 2 minutes 40 seconds in run time, you’ll find yourself replaying ‘Count On Me’ more times than you bargained for after that final chord rings out. Listen to ‘Count On Me’ below:

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