DOVE-i’s Layers of ‘Echoes’

Discover DOVE-i’s cinematic pop track ‘Echoes’.

DOVE-i – ‘Echoes’

‘Your footsteps haven’t faded yet’, sings the opening verse of ‘Echoes’. This moody track is part of a much larger puzzle – what DOVE-i are calling ‘pop fiction’. This album – ‘It’s Pop Fiction’ – sees DOVE-i collaborating with various international artists, creating almost a collective-produced body of work, with this track featuring singer-songwriter Ben Botfield.

DOVE-i is a project led by producer-composers Thomas Verovski and Bastide Donny. Describing themselves as a collective, it also features artists and groups such as Les Parisiennes Quatuor and Scoring Orchestra, and in this case, Ben Botfield.

‘Echoes’ is a stirring, subtly building pop ballad with orchestral and cinematic influences.

The lyrics are sparse, with lines like ‘echoes of where you used to be’ living in classic pop territory. They describe the lingering feelings of losing a loved one, whether temporarily or permanently, how ‘the memories will live on here with me’. The melodies are well crafted and pop and RnB influenced, delivered in Botfield’s powerful, soulful, ranging vocals with clean backing harmonies.

The production begins with moody, reverberating piano and light beats. Gradually, layers of eerie synths, rising strings, pounding chords and even brass build together to come to a triumphant climax by the end of the song – it’s skillfully done and shows clear cinematic influences. This arrangement lifts the track into something more interesting and distinctive, whilst having a pop sensibility reminiscent of artists like Alicia Keys. Anyone interested in the lines where orchestral music can meet pop should listen.

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