Journey With Saint Idiot Into ‘Thin Places’

Discover Saint Idiot’s richly sprawling art-folk.

Saint Idiot – ‘Thin Places’

Long-time RCM readers may recognise the name Saint Idiot. If you liked his previous synthy, art-pop work, you’ll be intrigued to know his sound has shifted into something more earthy, while still retaining his eclectic palette. And if this is all new to you but you fancy something different, come along for the ride. 

Saint Idiot is a Slovak-Canadian musician living in Edmonton, Canada. This track marks the first release from his upcoming EP of the same name.

‘Thin Places’ is a blend of art pop and folk, which is rather like accompanying Saint Idiot through his inner, dreamlike landscape, as he comes to peace with himself.

The lyrics are abstract yet rich, with images like ‘the stinging nettle’ and ‘a pair of my father’s shoes’. There is a sense of pain overcome – ‘like animals dragging their traps, we tried to never look back’ – and a longing for ‘a moment of contact’. The track shifts, modulating as Saint Idiot sings ‘I’m going back to all the places that I’ve cried’, reaching a tentative resolution as he recommends ‘just be there with yourself’. The melodies are delicate and build hypnotically, with Saint Idiot’s sensitive vocals and haunting BVs. 

The production begins with peaceful guitar strumming, gradually adding layers of everything from crackling banjo and tinkling wind chimes, to eerie strings and swirling pads. It constantly shifts and surprises, keeping it fresh with a psychedelic tone. Fans of the likes of Bjork and Sufjan Stevens will get lost in Saint Idiot’s wild landscapes. It’s worth a listen for a unique experience. 

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