Kat and the Hurricane Struggle With ‘Caffeine & Alcohol’

The Queer Midwest synth rock band Kat and the Hurricane makes a triumphant return with their latest track, Caffeine & Alcohol, a poignant melody delving into themes of breaking cycles and triumphing over trauma.

Kat and the Hurricane – Caffeine & Alcohol

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Kat and the Hurricane is a trio of queer and trans indie synth pop/rock artists. The ensemble consists of lead singer/guitarist Kat Rhapsody (they/them), keyboardist/vocalist Benjamin Rose (they/them), and drummer Alex Nelson (they/them). Together, they craft a unique blend of emo, punk, synthpop, and indie rock, affectionately dubbed as “sad lesbian music.”

Since their inception in 2017, this talented group has made waves in the Midwest music scene, earning praise for their electrifying live performances and strong sense of community. Highlights of their career include performances at numerous regional and national festivals, extensive touring, and receiving the prestigious Artist of The Year award from the Madison Area Music Association.

Of all the tracks released by the band, Caffeine & Alcohol stands out as one of their most pivotal creations. Penned from the personal experiences of Benjamin Rose as a queer individual navigating religious shame, this song resonates deeply with a broad audience. Its universal themes of struggle and resilience make it a fan favourite at live performances, igniting unmatched energy among the crowd.

Musically, Caffeine & Alcohol shines with its expertly crafted arrangements. The track begins with captivating synth melodies seamlessly blending with subtle guitar strumming, creating a harmonious backdrop. These elements are further enriched by emotive vocals that soar to new heights during the resonant chorus, ensuring an irresistible urge for audiences to join in singing along.

“Caffeine & Alcohol is a daring indie gem, driven by raw emotion and skillfully blurring the boundaries between poignancy and euphoria.”

Caffeine & Alcohol encapsulates the essence of Kat and the Hurricane but also serves as a testament to three individuals unapologetically embracing their true selves. Keep an eye on this dynamic trio.

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