Kay Iris Revives The Wild West On ‘Dead Man Walking’

Kay Iris invites you on a journey to the rugged landscapes of the Wild West with their latest offering, Dead Man Walking. The juxtaposition between the jangly, brooding guitars against the velvety vocals sets the stage for an immersive experience from the first note.

Kay Iris – Dead Man Walking

Hailing from Hastings, on the South Coast of England, Kay Iris is celebrated for their musical musings and haunting harmonies, complemented by the Americana and folk-infused guitar melodies of Matt Podmore.

From the outset, Dead Man Walking captivates with its haunting vocal ostinato, akin to a spectral presence lingering throughout the narrative. Each pre-chorus unfolds like a love letter penned under cover of darkness by a Western outlaw on the lam, while Kay Iris guides us through the twists and turns of his odyssey. The climax arrives with the bridge, bringing the saga full circle amidst a backdrop of evocative vocal flourishes that have woven seamlessly throughout the song.

“Embark on a haunting journey through the Wild West, weaving a tapestry of Americana allure and ethereal storytelling”.

The production of Dead Man Walking is nothing short of impeccable, seamlessly transporting listeners to the rugged frontier of the track’s narrative. Kay Iris’s airy vocals soar above the instrumentation, delivering each lyric with the gravitas of a seasoned storyteller, drawing listeners into the tale with unwavering conviction. The track channels the timeless influences of Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Fleetwood Mac, showcasing a lineage of formidable women in modern music history that Kay Iris proudly continues.

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