Leah Eccles Is Living ‘a t m (at the moment)’

Leah Eccles, introduces her latest single, a t m (at the moment), a thought-provoking track that delves into introspection.

Leah Eccles – a t m (at the moment)

Originating from Blackburn, Lancashire, Leah Eccles is an up-and-coming artist, excelling as a singer, songwriter, and music producer. With a distinct flair for crafting tunes that seamlessly blend into the realms of LoFi and pop, Leah infuses each creation with her unmistakable personal touch, notably reflected in her candid lyricism.

Despite her limited discography comprising only a handful of singles and an EP, Leah has captivated attention with her undeniable talent. Notably, she has garnered praise from the legendary Peter Hook, the co-founder and frontman of Joy Division and New Order, who lauded her work as “Dreamy, Thoughtful, and wonderfully listenable…”

After a transformative year of growth and profound experiences in 2023, Leah introduces a t m (at the moment), a song that captures the sense of being left behind as others around you flourish. This sentiment strikes a chord with many, whether they’re witnessing others reach their goals.

With its enchanting production and tranquil rhythms, a t m (at the moment) constructs a mesmerising soundscape that transports listeners to a different dimension. Leah’s captivating vocals, complemented by echoed harmonies, emanate a serene aura amidst the raw vulnerability of the lyrics, crafting a celestial ambience.

a t m (at the moment) is a finely crafted pop tune, driven by its daring songwriting and sincere vulnerability.

Undoubtedly, this marks just the initial steps for the burgeoning artist, hinting at the prospect of more delightful surprises ahead. Leah Eccles’ career is only beginning to unfold, with much more yet to come.

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