Supercaan Explore Fragility On ‘A Tiger Walks The Streets’

After releasing a string of well-received singles, the British quintet Supercaan has unveiled their eagerly anticipated sophomore album, A Tiger Walks The Streets, signalling a profound evolution for the band.

Supercaan ‘A Tiger Walks The Streets’

Since their formation in 2013, Supercaan has defied genre boundaries, crafting a sound that challenges easy categorization. Their latest offering, A Tiger Walks The Streets, delves into a central theme articulated by lyricist Tom Whitfield: the toll of progress.

“The tiger represents the creeping threat of modernization and the sense that our place in the world is fragile” explains Whitfield.

Building upon the lyrical maturity and musical craftsmanship of their debut album, Supercaan’s sophomore effort represents a significant advancement on all fronts. The album unfolds like a collection of children’s fables, each song contributing to a cohesive narrative tapestry of captivating beauty.

Similar to the opening credits of a film, the self-titled track A Tiger Walks The Streets serves as an instrumental symphony, welcoming listeners with a rich tapestry of sounds that gradually envelops them, setting the stage for the journey ahead.

Establishing the ambience for the entire musical odyssey, Zoetrope emerges as a sharp critique of the double standards perpetuated by the elite, cleverly woven into the fabric of the song. Supercaan showcases their musical prowess, seamlessly blending chiming guitars, pulsating drums, and a diverse palette of electronic effects that elevate the track to standout status.

Continuing in a comparable vein, Belligerents maintains the fervour established by its predecessor, culminating in a spirited chorus infused with emotion and a sense of longing, encapsulating the prevailing atmosphere of the album.

Meanwhile, Storms Over Scafell delves into the universal dilemma faced by many: the struggle between the comfort of staying in bed and the obligations of work. Amidst its captivating production, the song is underscored by exquisite piano arrangements that lend added depth to its existential themes.

Everything Collapses, the fifth track, emerges as perhaps the most significant piece on the album, serving as a heartfelt tribute to a departed bandmate of members Tom Whitfield and Greg Milner. Beginning with a sorrowful piano rendition that dominates the melody, subtle electronic elements heighten the song’s atmospheric poignancy before transitioning midway into a more hopeful tone, culminating in a touching image of their friend’s son following in his father’s footsteps by playing the drums.

In a breathtaking display of sonic solemnity, An Echo In The City serves as an instrumental interlude, captivating with its grandiose production that evokes the awe-inspiring beauty of a sunrise. This seamlessly segues into Everytime We Spark, a focused alt-rock track that reintroduces the euphoric instrumentation, creating a cohesive transition that enhances the overall listening experience.

Moving forward, Ricochet exposes the contradictions inherent in vanity, offering a narrative from the perspective of a protagonist who condemns others’ superficiality while realizing their own reliance on judgment and exploitation of flaws, akin to a vampire. Powered with the irresistible charm of synth-pop, Ricochet relies on a dense wall of synths and pulsating beats that compel even the most resistant toes to tap along to its infectious groove.

Demonstrating their versatility once again, Nagoro begins with tranquil arrangements that conjure a serene soundscape before transitioning into bold guitar passages and invigorating drums. Thematically inspired by the eponymous Japanese rural village, where handcrafted scarecrows replace a population enamoured with the allure of urban luxuries, the song encapsulates the overarching theme of the album with its exploration of tradition versus modernity.

The concluding track, Panic Carefully With Me, gracefully eschews the energetic guitars and pulsating rhythms in favour of an atmospheric showcase that elegantly brings the album to a close. Through deep storytelling, the song depicts an individual’s decision to flee urban discontent for rural solace, only to realize that their unhappiness stems from within rather than their surroundings.

“A Tiger Walks The Streets stands as an ambitious masterpiece and a profoundly memorable auditory journey.”

It’s impossible not to admire the meticulous thought and effort poured into this album. From its unwavering conviction to its exceptional musicianship, A Tiger Walks The Streets succeeds on every front. It’s evident that the band took their time to meticulously craft each song to perfection, and the final result speaks volumes.

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