The Exact Opposite Rev Up On ‘Look At Him Go!’

Discover The Exact Opposite’s upbeat indie-rock.

The Exact Opposite – ‘Look At Him Go!’

‘For all the world he’s frightened, now that his own horizons have narrowed down to nothing at all…’ opens ‘Look At Him Go!’ by The Exact Opposite. The lively spirit of the track makes it all less heavy than it could be, but this is a tune that looks at the pressures of responsibility.

The Exact Opposite are a duo hailing from the UK. Jamie Stuart and Nigel Powell already had impressive CVs from time in other bands and supporting the likes of Frank Turner, before deciding to form this team. They’ve hit the ground running in 2024, with their debut album ‘Skill Issue’ due in May.

‘Look At Him Go!’ is a driving indie-rock track full of crunching riffs and an urgent emotional message.

The lyrics tell a poignant tale of a man who everyone sees as ‘a hero, pointed at the sky crying ‘look at him go”, but the weight has gotten too much and ‘he can’t hold everyone together now’. It’s a real and relevant situation, with heartbreaking lyrics like ‘the lines around his eyes, he’s finding the kind that only come from crying’. But the weight is balanced by the energetic melodies and the earnest, dynamic lead vocals, completed with big-hearted backing vocals.

The production combines punchy guitars, rolling synth riffs and stomping beats, keeping the interest with unexpected harmonic changes and sharp little details. There’s also an endearing music video, made in a doodling, collaging style, telling a superhero story. A very strong debut from clearly seasoned musicians.

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