Devon More – Sky Is Falling (Album)

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumental musician Devon More writes with wisdom. She certainly proves that she has what it takes on her new album, Sky Is Falling. It moves lyrically in more than one way. Diverse topics pass the revue. We like this, since everyone can find something that appeals to them.

With the opening track, My Body Is., the sound of the entire project becomes somewhat determined, and trust us, it rocks. Devon chose a style half way between pop and soul. We won’t give away any more details. However, you’ll understand us when you listen to it yourself. And one of the songs you shouldn’t miss is Amsterdam. We were like, huh, Devon speaks Dutch. But upon further research, we discovered that she’s a true globetrotter. It clarifies a lot.

One of these days also felt like the right track, with a gritty groove booming just behind the backdrop. Sorry has the same vibe with guitars that raise it even further. There are some sweet textures added by the flute.

The current single of this album is Catch That Moon (Song For David). It explains how opposites attract in love. Despite their relatively brief relationship, Devon and the person she sings about had a deep respect for each other.

After hearing each track on Sky Is Falling, you’ll find yourself looking up continually. We’re convinced this project will continue to reach even more people. Devon paints the world of tomorrow here like a true illustrator.

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