Kat Savvas – Flames Into The Air

Photographer: Ella Çiçekciler

Singer-songwriter Kat Savvas releases her new single, Flames Into The Air. It stresses the advantages of living on your own terms and not depending on others. When you do this, you can really see your personality’s fire. Confidence will rise and things will become more sharp.

In the accompanying video, the London-based rising star smears paint across a mirror, and yet, through the gaps in the strokes, she can be seen. We love the color grading here, and the choreography finishes it off well. We don’t know how much budget went into the visuals, but they look very professional.

Flames Into The Air takes the best of both Indie Pop and Latin Pop. A thumping guitar and infectious beat form the main anchor. Kat delivers the lyrics with sauce, and specifically when she layers her voice, she achieves a well-rounded, textured sound.

Check out Flames Into The Air below!

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