Hugo Brijs’ Joyful Hymn To The ‘Creeper’

Discover Hugo Brijs’ epically obsessive indie love song.

Hugo Brijs – ‘Creeper’

‘My creeper, she came for me, two nights before midsummer’s eve…’ opens ‘Creeper’ by Hugo Brijs. This might sound like the beginning of a horror movie, or at least a terrible date, but in Brijs’ hands, it turns into an ecstatic, if a little unhinged, indie love anthem.

Hugo Brijs is an artist, producer, composer and musical director. His career has led him down several impressive paths, with nods from NME and Radio 1, scoring for film and TV, and creating for brands like Calvin Klein and Vogue. This track heralds his first artist release in a few years, with an album of the same name due later in 2024.

‘Creeper’ is a soaring, driving, indie-rock love song with more than a touch of psychedelia.

The lyrics tell the tale of a femme-fatale gangster capturing the heart of a simple man. Despite her danger and the fact ‘she says she’s bored of me’, the besotted man begs her to ‘pick the white bread life’ and stay with him. It’s darkly fun with a cinematic edge, delivered with effortless melodies and sultry lead vocals.

The production is something special, showing all Brijs’ experience. Beginning with an unsettling, twanging, Eastern-influenced riff, it gradually builds and opens into something epic, with thrumming bass, warm strings and dreamy backing vocals. There are echoes of artists like Elbow, The Beta Band and The Beatles here, but it’s definitely got an identity all its own. New and old fans will enjoy the return of Hugo Brijs.

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