Camens drop a slick summer single, ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’

Stoke-on-Trent-based four-piece Camens have unveiled their fourth single, ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’, and it’s just about as catchy as it gets.

The pandemic… I know… it doesn’t feel very sexy bringing it up in a music review, right!? But this is crucial context. I’d dare say that it sparked some existentialism in your mind… In the case of Camens, they encapsulated this, not just in a song, but in an entire forthcoming debut album called ‘WORK/LIFE/BALANCE’. Ahead of the LP, I’d say this fourth and final single ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’ best sums up the band’s headspace; let’s live rather than just exist.

On their latest single, the band said: “Emphasising the struggles of working 40 plus hours a week, fighting to pay bills on time and the crippling mental and physical health issues that swallow up so many of us, ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’ is an indie rock anthem for everyone who has ever experienced difficulties, hardships, and sleepless nights.”

But don’t get too bogged down in the lyrical detail, because this track casts dapples of sunlight over its gloomy subject matter, and it’s a complete knock-out. In short, it’s a summer anthem. ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’ cuts through with the sort of sharp indie guitar licks made popular by Two Door Cinema Club, and within the first few seconds your main thought is, “wow, these guys are slick”.

The punchy rhythms, razor-sharp guitars and lyricism is all juggled expertly by the Stoke foursome; everything is given space to shine. The chorus is a real treat, I love the chiming, trebly guitar and crunchy kit, and those melodies stick the landing.

Camens have a knack for crafting joyous indie rock, and an even greater talent for finessing their production, because ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’ is packaged beautifully – it has a glossy radio ready lustre. For a new band to be so polished this early on is something to seriously get behind.

Unsurprisingly then, the band are making a huge splash, with new music legend John Kennedy’s seal of approval, plenty of press features and festival slots to boot. Well in Camens, thoroughly deserved.

Camen’s debut album ‘WORK/LIFE/BALANCE’ drops on May 3rd in conjunction with the start of their UK headline tour in Stoke-on-Trent. Check out their latest single, ‘Sleep Patterns Repeating’, below:

Featured image by Liam Maxwell

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