Crooked Cat Adams Shares Dreamy ‘Beautiful Dark’

Discover Crooked Cat Adams’ lo-fi indie track.

Crooked Cat Adams – ‘Beautiful Dark’

“Through the blinds of my youth, I see two different moons…” opens ‘Beautiful Dark’ by Crooked Cat Adams. No, we haven’t landed on Mars, the moons are more of the metaphorical kind – the past and the future, “the old and the new”, and the realisation that we are leaving one era behind and beginning another.

Crooked Cat Adams is the project of singer-songwriter Patrick Barry, who hails from Florida. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, he’s built up a body of work with steady releases over the last few years. This track comes from his latest EP of the same name.

‘Beautiful Dark’ is a dreamily strange, stripped-down indie-folk track.

The poetically minded lyrics reflect on the passage of time and the dangers of too much nostalgia, with lines like “my first memory is haunting me”. There’s some lovely depth and imagery here, with lyrics like “the mirror gives hints that I’m showing my age, but I’m still a child, still a child.” There’s also darkness in the confession, ‘’I’m sinking deep, where no one can reach”. The melodies are simple yet effective, along with the layered vocals, both showing a clear folk influence.

The production is fairly bare and lo-fi, focusing on earthy guitar strumming contrasted with quavering synths. Although it could use more development, there is definitely a swirling ambience to it which becomes hypnotic. At over five minutes long, the ‘beautiful dark’ outro becomes trance-like. Fans of artists like Sufjan Stevens may find something to enjoy here.

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