25th Hour Are Feeling It ‘Inside’

Manchester-based band 25th Hour share their latest track ‘Inside’ brimming with the infectious energy and enthusiasm that defines their sound.

25th Hour -‘Inside’

Rising from the rain-soaked pavements of Manchester, 25th Hour emerges as a four-piece alternative rock band, blending a diverse range of sounds that fuse alt-rock with their unique brand of indie swagger. Their music shines, especially in their captivating live performances.

Though their discography is brief, tracks like Start Again, Off It, and Falling Out have already garnered thousands of streams, affirming the irresistible charm of 25th Hour and establishing them as a noteworthy presence in Manchester’s indie music scene.

Seizing the moment, 25th Hour presents their latest creation, ‘Inside’, a sublime indie delight sure to leave you yearning for more. Infused with a dash of funk and vibrant indie rock, Inside stands poised to claim a spot as your next beloved anthem. Its infectious rhythm guitars collide with rich synth layers, propelled by lead singer Jade’s remarkable vocals, creating a track that will linger in your mind long after the music fades.

Resonant with energy and vibrancy, Inside emerges as an indie rock opus that will occupy a permanent spot “inside” your mind, free of charge.

As 25th Hour continues to evolve and refine their sound, each release demonstrates their artistic growth and potential.

With an upcoming show at 33 Oldham Street, the band’s future is filled with endless possibilities. Where will this journey take them? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure—it will be an exciting ride.

So, dive into the world of 25th Hour and let them transport you to a realm of infectious rhythms and memorable melodies.

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