Griefcat Has Lots to Say About Late Stage Capitalism

Annie Nardolilli and Louisa Hall make up Griefcat. They have just released their revolutionary record “Late Stage Capitalism” which includes the hit song “Carbon Footprint.” Heavy tom drums start off the song with high energy. Next, the drums are joined by distorted guitars that are filled with angst and rage. A commanding vocal, delivered in true punk rock fashion, bursts forth, filled with attitude and lyrics that boldly address the truth about the world. “Carbon Footprint” is a song that is all about values. “What’s your carbon footprint?” The band asks over and over again, while listing off all the things that do not bother them. Griefcat doesn’t care about any of the other characteristics of their new friend or date, they just want to know about the negative and positive impacts that the person is having on the planet. This is a great song for self reflection.

Enjoy Carbon Footprint and 8 other songs on their new LP now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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