Mari Clare Pays Homage On Debut Single Lotus

Mari Clare is a German-born singer-songwriter from a family with a rich musical heritage, undoubtedly influencing her artistry.

Mari Clare – Lotus

Mari Clare’s debut single, ‘Lotus’, is a poignant and candid piece that lays bare her personal experience with grief. Featuring raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics, ‘Lotus’ is a powerful offering that showcases Mari Clare’s exceptional songwriting and vocal abilities. 

A remarkable dance piece that pays homage to the late fiance of Mari Clare, ‘Lotus’’ upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics make it a beautiful tribute to her beloved partner. Musically, the track is reminiscent of early-00s pop music and showcases Mari Clare’s powerful vocals that complement the lively beats perfectly. 

Particularly noteworthy, the track’s chorus brings the track to life and leaves a lasting impression on the listener, adding another layer to the track’s already vibrant sound palette. Mari Clare goes against the grain throughout, making a deeply infectious track that sounds perfect for summer yet holding these heartbreaking lyrics that prove her songwriting expertise. 

Mari’s desire to create her music led her to collaborate with her brother Sebastian Rupio, who is a talented drummer and producer. Together, they have been tirelessly working to craft Mari’s unique sound, taking influence from the likes of Billie Eilish and BlackPink, blending elements of pop, dance, and electronic music, creating a repertoire of songs that effortlessly showcase Mari’s exceptional vocal range and songwriting abilities. 

In her quest to find solace, Mari Clare uses ‘Lotus’ as a distinctive expression of her grief and her journey towards healing.

With its raw emotions and powerful lyrics, ‘Lotus’ is destined to touch the hearts of many who have experienced loss and is a reminder that music can be a source of comfort in times of great pain.

Mari Clare’s ‘Lotus’ is a reflection of her passion for music shining brightly at the end of a dark tunnel of traumatic experiences, the track is infused with emotion, and her lyrics are heartfelt and relatable. Her artistry and confidence are commendable, making her a definite artist to watch in the coming years. 

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