Blackpool Mecca flourish with electrifying indie rock and grunge

Nashville indie rock duo Blackpool Mecca are a bundle of electrifying rock riffs and crashing drums as they draw on elements of grunge and pop. 

Comprising of Baxter White (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) and Kristofer Jedd (Lead Guitar), the band have just released new single ‘Pavement’. It is all about a relationship which you think is going ok but you ultimately know you need to take different paths. “The chorus’ is from the perspective of the other person reacting to you saying goodbye and both deciding it doesn’t mean you can’t still love and care for that person,” adds the band. 

Musically, ‘Pavement’ is a fierce and vigorous track with hypnotising sonics. It flourishes with hard-hitting and driving drum grooves and vocals delivered with rawness. The song takes influence from Queens Of The Stone Age and has a modern node to British artists like The Raconteurs. 

After meeting at the same audio engineering school in Nashville, Baxter and Kristofer started making music together two years later while working together at Meinl Percussion. Later this year Blackpool Mecca will be releasing a new EP so keep your eyes peeled for more news. Listen to ‘Pavement’ below. 

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