Sydney trio Kingdom Calm produce groovy rock-pop

Incorporating groovy basslines and an array of instrumentals, Sydney band Kingdom Calm are the perfect energising boost you need to get you through your day. 

The trio release new single ‘Follow the Leader’, their first song in over a year but it has been well worth the wait. Kingdom Calm bring a completely different sound to their repertoire with upbeat reggae grooves and blissful drumming to their classic indie rock-pop sound

‘Follow The Leader’ was just an accident as the band were rehearsing they ended up getting side-tracked in the studio. “As often happens when we rehearse we became side-tracked and ended up playing a completely different upbeat reggae groove that was a world away from what we started with,” said Kingdom Calm. “Someone had the idea to put the two next to each other and we were struck by how well one went into the other… giving a sense of order descending into chaos, never to return.” 

Since debuting in 2021 with ‘The Old Guitarist’, the trio have a unique sound, leading to five singles and a dozen electric live shows under their belts. With their unwavering commitment to excellence in both their music and their live performances, Kingdom Calm stands on the brink of something big. Check out ‘Follow The Leader’ below.

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