Liz Mann takes you on a sonic journey with disco-infused indie pop

Take a trip down memory lane as Machester’s rising 80s pop star Liz Mann takes on a sonic journey with her new single ‘Heartbreak Radio’.

Mixing pop melancholy and 80s synth styles ripe for today’s love-lost streaming generation, Liz aims to create a disco-infused aesthetic primed for the dancefloor.

‘Heartbreak Radio’ takes you on a sonic journey through the highs and lows of love, blending catchy hooks with poignant storytelling. The pulsating rhythm and shimmering synths transport listeners to a neon-lit dance floor, where emotions run high and memories linger long after the music fades.

Speaking about the track, Liz Mann, said: “‘Heartbreak Disco’ is a reflection of the bittersweet moments we experience in love and life. It’s about dancing through heartache and finding solace in the music. I wanted to create a track that captures the essence of both euphoria and vulnerability.”

What started as a new project during the pandemic is now flourishing into something special. ‘Heartbreak Disco’ marks the third offering from Liz Mann, following the success of her previous singles, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘COOL’.

Liz’s catalogue of tunes promises to captivate you with her infectious beats, evocative lyrics, and unmistakable synth-driven melodies. Drawing inspiration from the rich musical heritage of Disco while infusing it with their unique contemporary twist, Liz showcases her prowess as a songwriter and performer. 

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