The Hollow Party ‘Goddess In A Ghost Town’

Continuing to forge their unique path as a burgeoning musical force, The Hollow Party, from Nashville, Tennessee, unveil their latest creation, Goddess In A Ghost Town.

The Hollow Party – Ghost In A Ghost Town

Originally rooted in Baltimore but finding their musical home in Nashville post-COVID, The Hollow Party is composed of Drew Bostwick on drums, Danny Vinton on bass, Andrew Vendelis on lead guitar, and Quinn Hopkins on rhythm guitar. Together, these talented individuals bring a blend of soulful songwriting and dynamic performances to the stage.

Since bursting onto the scene, this up-and-coming band has garnered praise from notable outlets like Eastern Shore Magazine and AXS, while also earning features on Underground Music Collective. Their achievements include gracing the Ernie Ball stage at Warped Tour and headlining shows for audiences exceeding 1000 fans. Additionally, they’ve shared stages with established acts such as Fuel, Marianas Trench, and Vinyl Theatre.

Embarking on a new chapter in their journey, The Hollow Party’s latest offering, Goddess In A Ghost Town, was born in 2022 when band members Andrew, Danny, and Quinn first laid down the original demo. Over the following months, the track evolved into the polished gem it is today.

Delving deeper into the song’s meaning and influences, Drew provides insight:

It represents the end of an era for us creatively. The live, raw feel of the recording reflects the decisions we made in the studio to track everything simultaneously. It is a call-back to many of the early 2000s records we grew up with. Now that we’re older and starting to write songs that inspire others, we wanted to release this single as a nod to the bands who inspired us to create for ourselves

Driven by an irresistible hook, this track flourishes thanks to its captivating production. Powerful guitar riffs complemented by subtle bass lines and dynamic drums create a vibrant backdrop for soulful vocals that will linger in your mind for hours.

A melody that prompts head-nodding. Goddess In A Ghost Town is a lively and resonant aural treasure, as catchy as they come.

What began as four talented musicians with a simple desire to inspire has blossomed into a finely-tuned musical force, steadily gaining recognition as an electrifying act to witness. For The Hollow Party, the journey is far from complete, leaving us eagerly anticipating their next destination.

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