Jaclyn Rachelle Shines Light on Falling in Love, Loyalty, and Interdependence on New Experimental Pop EP

Jaclyn Rachelle is out with a brand new 4 song EP “The Love Tape” which features the lead single, “Space Cowboy.” “The Love Tape” captures the journey of falling head over heels in love – exploring personal insecurities, embracing infatuation and new relationship energy, fluttering with butterflies, excitement, and nerves, and ultimately surrendering to the great power of love. “The Love Tape” is more than an EP, it’s an experience, and it’s a great first-hand account of all the universal feelings that come along with falling in love. The EP starts off strongly with the song “Levels.” This experimental pop song talks about being independent and self-sufficient but wanting to walk through life with a partner. It’s a great song that showcases the power of a healthy relationship style. Jaclyn Rachelle shared that this is her personal favorite song on the EP because of it’s experimental nature, and its power to capture the chaos and excitement of the moment.

My favorite song is Levels. I think there’s a bit of chaos to it which is the feeling I wanted to capture. To me its kinda like falling in love, it can be messy and hectic but it’s beautiful and once you’re there – in love – you’re locked in with each other. – Jaclyn Rachelle 

Next, we get to hear the incredible lead single on the record. “Space Cowboy” has an incredible vocal performance that rests on top of sultry electric guitars. This bedroom pop style song has a late-night feel to it, it feels very personal and romantic from start to finish. It’s another excellent track that captures the bliss of falling in love.

“My Bby” is a portrayal of loyalty and commitment. It’s about diving in head first and honoring the value and love that a person adds to your life. The romantic vibes are very strong on this one, and it’s oozing with loyalty. “My bby’s different from the rest, I put that on my chest.” This song is danceable, experimental and very sexy! It’s another song that is great for the late night vibe.

The record ends off as strongly as it started with “Take Care.” A cool synth line starts off this song, pulling the listener in. That epic synth line plays throughout the track. Listeners will hear the strong sense of loyalty in Jaclyn Rachelle’s voice as she sings “I want to take care of you, let me take care of you.” While she is very loyal, she still remains interdependent, keeping a healthy mindset for her relationship to flourish. She sings with much confidence: “I’ll be your biggest fan.” This is my personal favorite track on the record because of the experimental production and excellent vocal flow.

I think Take Care probably means the most to me. I wrote it when I was sleeping on the couch in my empty apartment. I had just signed the lease, I got it all myself, and it just felt so good. I was in a long distance relationship at the time so I felt like I was taking care of myself so I could better take care of him and us. – Jacyln Rachelle 

Listen to the EP “The Love Tape” by Jaclyn Rachelle on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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