Eric Schroeder – Turned on the Stereo (Album)

As much as the man himself, Eric Schroeder’s music is a study in contrasts and contradictions. He launches his new album Turned on the Stereo. What do we think about it? Well, that’s definitely fruitful and sets the right path forward. We fancy the songs’ purpose and need to make a point.

Schroeder finds modern language to articulate a host of convulsive memories and revelations here. Songs like Plan For Me, Mother Said, and Never Go Away ooze personality, telling stories that enter your thoughts. Schroeder uses some tricks, like wrapping pitch-dark lyrics in a cascade of harmony on Stayed the Same. With Never Go Away, he becomes rebellious.

Turned on the Stereo is anything but stale musically. Facets of classic rock, pop, and Americana are flipped upside down for this project. Whenever we hear Easier Way To Go, we marvel at the guitar’s unfolding. Do Done shouldn’t be ignored either, because, uh, it’s awesomely rhythmic.

Schroeder is someone who devotes his life to music. Considering he’s still so young, he’ll only continue to develop and make more successful records in the future. We’re already waiting for it. Meanwhile, Turned on the Stereo needs to be played frequently. Duh!

Check out Turned on the Stereo below!

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