Mary Middlefield – Poetry (for the scorned and lonely)

Whenever you mention Mary Middlefield, talent is the first thing that comes to mind. She’s been on a roll the last few years. With her new EP, Poetry (for the scorned and lonely), the singer explores the inner reaches of her mind. And what follows is truly fascinating. We love all the songs here, and we’ll explain why.

Sexless introduces the project, covering the topic of living without sex and missing the experience of being loved. Lyrically, it’s ambitious. Mary takes the opportunity to express herself. Atlantis is significantly less upbeat than the previous track, but still bristling with musical details. It talks of sadistic love. Allodynia lasts just 28 seconds, but wow, what a convincing melody it has.

Heart’s Desire is very emotional. It discusses statutory rape and falling in love with an older, manipulative person. Mary offers solace to those who have been in this situation. Love Me Love Me Not poses questions that may seem simple, but have so many layers. Mary asks, “Can I stay with you?” for example.

Young and Dumb is about being deeply disappointed in yourself when someone wrongs you. Concrete drum patterns and moody guitar melodies underlie the arrangement and give the vocals a foundation to walk on. The acoustic version of Last Letter feels mellow, but instruments like strings give it a fuller sound. The EP ends with POETRY, which builds slowly, sealing each moment.

Mary puts her heart on the line here. Music should be and remain this way. Even though, we don’t give ratings, Poetry (for the scorned and lonely) deserves a 10/10. Check it out below!

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