London Dou high jump Share Latest look At Upcoming Debut EP on Delicate Sweller ‘Avenue’

London-based indietronica duo high jump is set to captivate listeners once again with their latest single, ‘Avenue’, a luminous and emotive track that serves as a glimpse into their upcoming EP, ‘001.’ Scheduled for release on April 24th via Tip Top Recordings, “Avenue” showcases the duo’s signature blend of atmospheric synths, bright guitars, and hypnotic beats, crafting a sonic landscape that is both ethereal and immersive.

Comprised of Harry Martin and Rick Holland, high jump has garnered acclaim for their evocative soundscapes, receiving international recognition with airplay on stations like KEXP and Amazing Radio, along with coveted placements on Spotify editorial playlists.

Mixed by Max Cooke (known for his work with GoodBooks and Ellie Goulding), ‘Avenue’ exemplifies the duo’s musical ethos, blending a diverse range of influences into a cohesive and alluring composition. With its infectious melodies and polished production, the track seamlessly merges elements of dream pop and indie rock, offering a sonic experience that is both inventive and accessible.

The song’s instrumentation features a dynamic interplay of shimmering synths, rhythmic basslines, and vibrant guitar textures, creating a lush and colorful backdrop for Martin’s captivating vocals. Drawing comparisons to artists like Westerman and Yumi Zouma, ‘Avenue’ evokes a sense of nostalgia while maintaining a contemporary edge, culminating in a mesmerizing Prince-inspired guitar solo that serves as the song’s climax.

In discussing the inspiration behind ‘Avenue’, the duo reflects on their creative process and thematic motifs, noting, “Harry wrote the anthemic jangly guitar riff at the front of Avenue a few years ago, initially laying it over a yacht-rock groove. After a few different iterations, we pared back the original Roxy Music / The War On Drugs influence, leaving just the ubiquitous riff and a pulsating Wurlitzer Sideman backbeat to rebuild the song on. With contemporary reference points like Westerman, Yumi Zouma, and Washed Out in mind, we developed Avenue into a summery Dream Pop roller that circles relentlessly towards the Prince-inspired guitar solo at the apex of the song.”

“Lyrically, the song continues along the themes that we’ve dug into on Tide Away, but the chorus reflects that nostalgia in simpler terms. The nostalgic direction is more literal this time; a childhood memory that crystallises from the abstract introspections in the verses.”

With its evocative storytelling and infectious melodies, ‘Avenue’ reaffirms high jump’s position as one of the most exciting acts in the indie music scene, offering listeners a sonic journey that is both introspective and exhilarating. As they prepare to unveil their forthcoming EP, ‘001,’ high jump invites audiences to immerse themselves in their world of atmospheric soundscapes and emotive lyricism, promising an unforgettable musical experience that transcends genre boundaries.

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