elishéva – i don’t believe in horoscopes (EP)

Singer-songwriter elishéva studied at Berklee College of Music. She left with national awards for her performances. And if you listen to her EP i don’t believe in horoscopes, you’ll understand why. I invite you to listen to these songs that lean on elegance.

destiny (a match made out of sky) initiates the EP, with wonderful strings dominating the arrangement. It talks about finding someone who may be perfect in your eyes. anxious attachment style is outlined by ukulele melodies and pop rhythms. I fancy how the vocals are given the opportunity to show their true identity. The lyrics freely acknowledge insecurities and embrace vulnerability.

Charades discuss how to maintain a relationship when you aren’t in sync with each other. Musically, the song is chill, which gives the subject space to breathe. Scary Thoughts reflects the vulnerability and inner conflicts that arise when people perceive their own shortcomings, as well as their desire for reassurance and understanding. gut feeling stresses impulsive behaviors’ potential destruction, no matter how innocent they may appear.

For us just works from a sonic perspective. Acoustic guitars, swirling synthesizers, and sweet strings are among the instruments. elishéva speaks about finding connection and meaning in a chaotic and overwhelming world. i don’t like it at all ends the EP properly. elishéva put her heart into it.

i don’t believe in horoscopes indicates how much elishéva’s artistry has evolved. The sincerity it casts is unparalleled. Start listening below!

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