Dimitri Loizos Breaks No Sweat On ‘Make Up Your Mind’

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Dimitri Loizos – ‘Make Up Your Mind’

‘I wonder how you can treat a man so rough…’ opens Dimitri Loizos on ‘Make Up Your Mind’. We’re in classic blues territory, and as tradition goes, the root of the trouble is a lover. It’s never quite explained exactly what went wrong in this relationship, but it’s more of a sit-back and soak-in-the-vibes kind of track.

Dimitri Loizos is a guitarist, composer and songwriter with Greek heritage, currently based in London. This latest tune comes ahead of his next EP ‘Back To The Blues’, due for release this summer.

‘Make Up Your Mind’ is a late-night classic blues track, light on the words and heavy on the solos,  but drenched in ambience.

‘Honey, all you do is cause me trouble’ sing Loizo’s vintage-influenced lyrics as he exhorts his love to ‘make up your mind’. He begs through the song, promising to ‘sing his heart out for you’, but there’s a suspicion he might be better off alone – at least his ‘guitar won’t tell no lies’. Listeners looking for a richer narrative may be left wanting here, but it’s all delivered with Loizos’s deliciously soulful melodies and assured, silky lead vocals.

The production focuses, naturally, on the sultry, bluesy guitar. Solid bass and chugging drums glue the track together, with some dreamy strummed chords and skittering piano lines to flesh it out. There are plenty of instrumental breaks, to give you that late-night, jam session feel. At over 6 minutes, this might be too long for some, but fans of classic artists like B.B King will find something to enjoy here.

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