Inigo Quintero Is The Mysterious Stranger On ‘Desconocido’

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Inigo Quintero – ‘Desconocido’

For the non-Spanish speakers in the room, ‘desconocido’ means ‘stranger’. And in Inigo Quintero’s track, this refers to the strangers you become after a relationship ends – the strangest kind of stranger of all, as the shadows of former intimacy melt away. But don’t worry, this tune still manages to retain its euphoria.

Spanish artist Inigo Quintero has had quite the rise. A TikTok viral sensation, his track ‘Si No Estás’ currently has over 600 million Spotify streams. This latest track comes from his debut EP, ‘Es Solo Musica’, or ‘It’s Simply Music’, which is available to stream now.

‘Desconocido’ is a bittersweetly anthemic track with influences of pop and dance, dedicated to heartbreak and regrets.

‘Tú eras todo lo que pedía’ sings Quintero with heartfelt lyrics – ‘you were everything that I wanted’ – but shades of frustration show through too, with lines like, ‘in the end it was going to destroy me’ ,  ‘al final iba a destrozarme’. The main hook ‘que mas da’ (‘what difference does it make?’) is soaring, and delivered in Quintero’s throaty, evocative vocals. The melodies are cleanly crafted with a singer-songwriter edge.

The production combines wistful guitars with echoing piano lines, layering tuneful vocal harmonies with humming synths and a strong kick, making this a big-scale track ripe for festivals and summer car journeys. Fans of modern male artists like Ed Sheeran and George Ezra will find something to enjoy here, and it’s still hooky enough even if your Spanish isn’t up to scratch.

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