Rose Fall Shares Her Inner Monologue On ‘Human’

Rose Fall invites listeners into the depths of her introspective world with ‘Human’ a blend of laidback indie-folk melodies and ethereal soundscapes. As her soulful vocals gracefully dance atop the intricate guitar picking, a narrative unfolds, anchored by the steady pulse of the drum shuffle, echoing the rhythm of a heartbeat.

Rose Fall – Human

Based in Los Angeles, Rose draws inspiration from her Senegalese American heritage, infusing her music with elements of English and Wolof. Known for her lyric-driven songwriting, Rose channels her personal experiences into “Human,” crafting a poignant reflection on the complexities of human emotions.

From the opening lines, accompanied by the gentle chirping of birds, “Human” sets a contemplative tone that resonates throughout the track. As the instrumentation swells and recedes, Rose’s vocals take centre stage, conveying a sense of intimacy and vulnerability. Moments of introspection are underscored by a subtle sub-bass, while the haunting reverberations of reversed guitar picking evoke feelings of nostalgia and reflection.

“Accept an invitation to a soul-stirring journey of self-exploration and empathy, weaving a tapestry of emotions with each captivating note.”

Produced in collaboration with Victor Franco, a skilled producer hailing from Brazil, “Human” boasts a cosy and intimate sound that invites listeners to delve deep into their own soul-searching. Franco’s expertise, honed through collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Hope Tala, Jacob Collier, and Lawrence, adds depth and polish to Rose’s DIY approach.

“Human” is a track best savoured during quiet moments of reflection, whether gazing out of a window on public transport or drifting through the labyrinth of one’s thoughts. It serves as a poignant reminder of the universal struggles and triumphs that define the human experience, offering solace and understanding to all who listen.

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