Zarenae – Things I didn’t say (EP)

Zarenae spent over 6 months unable to make music after a car crash ended in a traumatic brain injury. It’s wonderful that she managed to climb out of the mud and put out her debut project, Things I didn’t say. Zarenae turned everything that occurred into lyrics. It helped her cope with all the stress and benefitted her mental health.

How does the EP sound? Well, it’s very R&B-like, but with some pop textures tossed in. Now and then, it feels like you’re back vibing to Brandy’s music on Discmans. However, Zarenae has also added her own futuristic dash to the productions. And yes, what you get is sensational.

Snooze unlocks the EP, delivering slick beats and vocals that seem to jump right out of the speakers. Woman Like Me channels Ariana Grande. I’m obsessed with its layered rich tones and sassy verses. One In A Million is pinpointed by its piano melody, as well as the other solid sonic values that back it up. So High feels euphoric and makes you want to fall in love. Soul Ties convinces by the pace at which it unrolls. Moreover, the storyline it provides excites me.

Zarenae has an ocean of creative ideas. Things I didn’t say isn’t based on gimmicks, it’s based on pure musical knowledge. R&B gets a proper homage here. Check it out below!

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