Brad Wilson Is No ‘Fool on That Harmony’

New Jersey singer-songwriter Brad Wilson gears up for his highly anticipated EP, “Chasing Ghosts” with new single, “Fool on That Harmony”.

Brad Wilson – Fool on That Harmony

Known for his soul-stirring vocals and poignant lyricism, Wilson continues to establish himself as the softest but strongest force to be reckoned with.  “Fool on That Harmony” is a warm, soul-stirring and Billy Joel-esque track to counter the previous charming and snappy single, “You and I”.

Produced by Jon Gilbert, who has previously worked with the likes of Mt. Joy, Matt and Kim and Flipturn, his expertise in crafting sonically rich and emotionally resonant compositions proved to perfectly complement Wilson’s artistic vision.  About the single, Wilson explains: “This song is my favorite, the final version came out in a way that is closest to what I was hearing in my head when I wrote it. It was originally written in 2021, and the original demo came together in just a few minutes. I think that’s why I like it so much. To me it’s a hopeful song, and at the time, felt like a breakthrough.”

The artist’s distinctive voice coupled with his emotive lyrics creates a journey that is both raw and profoundly moving, capturing his growth and versatility as an artist and storyteller. The single is yet another song that showcases a sound that is uniquely his own, combining the sweetest of soulful melodies and heartfelt instrumentation to present the peak of contemporary songwriting and arranging. His passion has rightfully earned him praise from fans and critics alike, and “Fool on That Harmony” can safely once again, leave a lasting impression on all listeners.

Brad Wilson is a beacon of talent, establishing himself as a stand-out singer-songwriter. This is one of his strongest singles yet, and we do not doubt that there will be lots more to come from one of the East Coast’s best-rising stars”.

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Words by Rhí McPhelim

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