Echoes of Emotion: Navigating Life’s Turbulence with Debut LP from Red’s Motel

“Chapters End” by Red’s Motel is a musical masterpiece, immediately evident from its cinematic opening track, “The Curse I Bear.” This stunning introduction sets the stage for a captivating journey, prompting listeners to wonder what emotional and sonic experiences lie ahead. According to the band, “Chapters End” explores the introspective struggles of someone in a long-term relationship, grappling with life and career choices. This concept album delves into a profound soul journey, one that resonates deeply with many.

“Amber Ashes” features mathematical guitar riffs that stir the soul before the lead singer’s raw, unaffected voice takes over. The unprocessed vocal texture adds an intimate, emotional layer to the music, making it profoundly personal and relatable. At times, the vocals have a catchy, theatrical quality, reminiscent of a rock opera. The chorus infuses a pop sensibility, while the guitars veer into the metal genre, creating a dynamic and compelling listening experience.

“Amber Ashes is my favorite song. It’s fun to play, it’s got a lot of cool elements to it, and I identify with the lyrics in my own life.” – Marc Leazer

Listeners will find themselves immediately hooked on Red’s Motel, eager to dive into the next track. The title track, previously released as a lead single, stands out as the most popular song on the record. It seamlessly blends pop rock and emo, maintaining its catchy appeal from start to finish—undoubtedly prime lead single material. The vocal melody takes unexpected turns, showcasing the extraordinary talent of the lead singer. At the 2:34 mark, the bass line and guitars play in unison, melting into the listener’s ears like honey. This song also features an explosive instrumental section, creating a space for dreamy, immersive soundscapes. The lyrics convey a sense of gratitude for the recently ended relationship.

“Somewhere in Between” is a soulful ballad featuring a wall of guitars and an emotional vocal tone. The lead guitars begin to riff in their already iconic way, the drums and bass join in, and the song lifts into a power ballad. This song is about feeling stuck in life, not sure about which direction is best, and the overwhelming feelings that come along with change.

The pace picks up again with “Nights at the Station,” where Red’s Motel demonstrates that their lead guitars are just as vital as the vocals. The guitar parts are as irresistibly catchy as the vocal hooks, showcasing the band’s impressive instrumental talents. This song is about reminiscing and getting lost in the daydream of the past.

“I’d have to go with Nights At The Station for my favorite song to record. That was a song that we really got to all build from the ground up, so that was really fun to put together and see the final product. Plus I have some really involved drum parts in that song so that’s a fun one to play, even if it took a few more takes than usual.” – Brandon Bargo

“Behind the Smile” is about putting on a fake smile to hide the struggles you are going through. This track exudes raw emotion, particularly in its live-sounding chorus vocals, which intensify the song’s emotional depth. Against a backdrop of pounding drums and soaring guitars, the narrative unfolds with poignant sincerity. We could hear the pain in the vocalist’s voice.

The transition from a minor to a major key, and from melancholy to gratitude in “Blink of an Eye,” brings a remarkable sense of equilibrium to the record, rendering it accessible to all. Despite maintaining its musical intricacy, this track infuses elements of pop, evident in its chord progressions and captivating vocal hooks.

“Chameleon” serves as a poignant follow-up to “Behind the Smile,” capturing the journey of the character acknowledging their emotional camouflage and desires change but grapples with fear and uncertainty. How does one overcome these anxieties and embrace a new identity after years of living a certain way? It begins with acknowledging the issue and summoning the courage to pursue a different path. The song is propelled by some of the most mesmerizing guitar work on the record. The opening guitar lines draw the listener in immediately, setting the tone for a captivating experience. The vocals pierce through the speakers with a palpable urgency, amplified by crashing cymbals that intensify the sense of urgency. The delivery is nothing short of brilliant—raw, infectious, and deeply relatable. Throughout the track, the band’s diverse musical influences shine through, blending elements of classic rock and metal seamlessly.

“Better Off” exudes a newfound sense of confidence, signaling the onset of change. While initially subtle, the character recognizes the ripple effects of transformation and embraces the understanding that further growth lies ahead. Each day, they emerge as a stronger, more evolved version of themselves. The vocal delivery also gives the emotion that there is pride in the improvements that have been made so far.

The album returns to a somber tone with “Another Saturday,” a heartfelt ballad that delves into the depths of depression. With intimate vocals and raw, introspective lyrics, the song paints a poignant picture of a character grappling with inner turmoil. As days and weeks drift by, the emotional landscape remains unchanged. Perhaps this track serves as the nadir, the moment that brings the character to their knees, catalyzing a quest for transformation.

As a listener, you will find yourself rooting for the character voiced in the lyrics, growing quite attached to the storyline of the record. How did the character find themselves facing all of these struggles? Where did they begin? “Husk” offers deeper insight into the character’s struggle with depression. With its frenetic guitars, hauntingly distant vocals, and distinctive drum beats, the song captivates listeners, immersing them in the stark realities of living with depression or mental health struggles. We hear the suspected origins of the characters’ depression in “Handwritten Therapy,” a breakup that brings the character to their knees.

“Handwritten Therapy matters the most to me. This song was my way of expressing all the hardships that I endured after a breakup from a long term relationship. The breakup still haunts me years later so this song is my closure. I had been dealing with mental health problems throughout the relationship and she used to always tell me that I needed to go to therapy. I did the only thing that I know how, whether it’s a pen to paper or text on a phone screen, writing music is my handwritten therapy. – Noah “Red” Hawes”

“Scars” is an emotional breakthrough for the character. The character sings about the catharsis that follows opening up to someone they trust and bearing their soul and all of your problems. Finally, there is a sense of release. This release is heard vocally, lyrically, and musically. This dark and moody song can fit in with the style of System of a Down and heavier sounding classic rock.

“Your Memory’s a Blessing” is an experimental pop rock song that wraps up the record, both storywise and emotion wise. The listener ends this journey with Red’s Motel with gratitude. They have learned and grown from it. They have been through turmoil and found themselves leaning in for change. The lyrics echo, “I will be okay…your memory is a blessing.” We end with a sense of self-confidence and empowerment, and an incredible electric guitar solo. “If I hold on long enough, I’ll be okay.” 

Your Memory’s a Blessing took the longest to write. It went through a few iterations as I was trying to make it the perfect send off for the album, wrapping up the overall theme of the album. There was a long string of time where I wasn’t confident in the song and it almost didn’t make the album, but in the end, I believe it is one of the strongest tracks and all the pain from the writing process payed off. – Noah “Red” Hawes


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For Fans Of: Third Eye Blind, Texas in the Reason, Foo Fighters, System of a Down, Smoke or Fire 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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