The Lofty Pines Leave Their ‘Light At The Door’

Discover The Lofty Pines’ wistful, folky debut.

The Lofty Pines – ‘Light At The Door’

In days where highly produced and layered music is widely accessible, something is endearing and refreshing about a 3-piece acoustic trio. Meet The Lofty Pines, who combine a mandolin, a guitar, a fiddle and their vocals to create their own sound, blending bluegrass, folk, Americana and singer-songwriter styles.

The Lofty Pines are a band based out of Erie, Colorado. The band are jumping straight in with a debut album, with this release being the title track.

‘Light At The Door’ is a tender, heartwarming ballad with a folk sensibility and a gorgeous atmosphere.

The lyrics are slowly paced, but thoughtfully written, describing a relationship that’s gone awry and needs repairing. ‘Like a beggar I was cold and alone’, narrates the song, affirming that there is still ‘a light at the door’ for his love and that even in the face of adversity, he will ‘knock a little louder sometime’. These lyrics are delivered in light, plaintive lead vocals combined with sweet backing harmonies, and graceful, lilting melodies.

The production blends and balances the chiming mandolin, the steady acoustic guitar and the wistful fiddle, allowing each one to push through at different moments, including instrumental solos that showcase what are clearly some very skilled players. It’s never too complicated but highly effective, creating a twinkling, warm atmosphere with a little nostalgia thrown in. Any fans of folk or country looking for a summer evening waltz could do much worse than giving this track a spin.

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