Zarenae’s Debut EP Features Love Songs and Breakup Songs

Zarenae has recently released her long awaited debut EP, “Things I didn’t say.” This release marks a significant milestone in her career, blending commercial R&B with Top 40 pop while delivering raw, honest lyrics that draw from her personal experiences. The EP reflects her journey through a harrowing car crash, recovery from a traumatic brain injury, and the six-month hiatus that followed. These songs are her first creative output since her recovery, imbuing them with genuine emotion and authenticity.

The EP kicks off with the strong lead single “Snooze.” This track immediately captivates listeners with its infectious hook, showcasing Zarenae’s distinctive sound and style. Her smooth, soulful vocals shine through, delivering an empowering anthem about moving on from a disappointing breakup. “You snooze, you lose,” she declares, embodying a sense of resilience and readiness for better things ahead. Watch the music video below:


The poppy R&B vibe continues with “Woman Like Me,” a track that exudes Ariana Grande energy through its perfectly placed synths and silky vocal tones. Each section of this song is irresistibly catchy, making it a strong contender for a summer anthem.

Switching gears, “One in a Million” embraces a retro feel with its nostalgic synths and electric keyboards, reminiscent of the early 2000s. This track radiates romance, making it the ideal dedication song that captures the exhilarating energy of a new relationship.

The pace slows down with “So High” and “Soul Ties.” “So High” features a captivating call-and-response in the chorus, while the verses, delivered at a quicker pace, inject bursts of energy throughout the track. The chorus is irresistibly catchy and will linger in listeners’ minds, seamlessly flowing into the EP’s final track.

“Soul Ties” stands out as the moodiest song on the record, featuring the deepest lyrics. It delves into the turbulent dynamics of a toxic relationship, with Zarenae earnestly singing, “You go to confession, say you’ve learned your lesson, dealt with your aggression, make a new impression.”

Enjoy this record on Spotify now:

“After an unexpected car crash resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury; I spent over 6 months recovering unable to make music. “Things I didn’t say” is my debut EP representing a collection of real life experiences. This project quite frankly saved my mental state and helped me recover. Each song has a lyrical story and incorporates R&B sultry elements. “Snooze” is the lead single off my debut EP project which consists of 5 new songs. Throughout this project, I worked to incorporate the 90s R&B vocal sound with today’s production elements. In the past year, I have worked more hard than ever before to own my craft and be authentic to who I am as an artist and the sound that’s truly me at the studio.” – Zarenae

Written by Ryan Cassata


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