7 Unmissable Acts at Dot to Dot Festival Nottingham: Who to See This Weekend

The highly anticipated festival season finally returns this weekend with Dot to Dot Festival set to lead the way at one of the first major events. The festival will kick off in Bristol this Saturday, followed by Nottingham on Sunday (tickets here*). Taking over more than 15 venues in each city, both cities are set to become a music lover’s paradise this Bank Holiday weekend. Showcasing a diverse lineup of over 150 emerging artists, attendees can expect to discover the very best in new music. Additionally, the festival will feature headline performances from renowned acts, adding to the excitement and ensuring an unforgettable experience for festival-goers. Yet with all of these incredible artists in one city, who should you be going to see at the Nottingham leg of the festival this year? 

1. Panic Shack – Rock City – 4:30pm

Panic Shack’s live shows are always full of lively energy and never fail to provide a good time. The five-piece Welsh band addresses socio-economic issues in their music, humorously discussing British culture, bad dates, and what gives them ‘The Ick’ with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and infectious instrumentation. Destined to become one of Dot to Dot’s ‘I was there!’ moments, missing a Panic Shack performance would be a huge mistake. 

2. Ebbb – Black Cherry Lounge – 6:30pm

In 2023, Ebbb made a remarkable impact on London’s music scene without releasing any music. Their debut double single, ‘Himmel / Swam’, immediately thrust the three-piece into the spotlight. Known for their intense and overwhelming performances, Ebbb have been described as offering a transcendent musical experience. Don’t miss the chance to see them in a smaller setting, as they are likely to outgrow them soon.

3. The Magic Gang – Rock City – 7:30pm

The Magic Gang will take to the stage at this year’s Dot to Dot festival, marking some of their final performances before they indefinitely part ways. With a history of multiple appearances at the festival during the 2010s, the band is set to deliver a nostalgic indie experience, featuring a mix of their biggest hits and deep cuts. Significantly, Dot to Dot is among the select few festivals providing the four-piece with the fitting send-off they deserve.

4. Jockstrap – Rock City – 8:45pm

This year’s festival headliners, Jockstrap, offer a truly unique and overwhelming experience. Their music blends diverse genres, spanning raves, folk elements, and big ballads. The duo’s debut album, ‘I Love You Jennifer B,’ even received a Mercury Prize nomination. With the deluxe version, ‘ILYQTINVU,’ adding another significant layer to Jockstrap’s musical palette, their set promises to completely transform Rock City into a sweaty basement rave.

5. Wunderhorse – The Level – 9:45pm

With the recent announcement of their upcoming second album, Midas, scheduled for release in August, Wunderhorse continues to captivate the British music scene with their unique sound and mesmerising live performances. Their late-night set will showcase a blend of tracks from their debut album, Cub while introducing new and exciting songs to their growing setlist.

6. Picture Parlour – The Bodega – midnight

After a long day of festival fun, feeling low on energy? Picture Parlour is sure to wake you up again. They are already considered one of the country’s best live acts by those lucky enough to have seen them. The four-piece band’s tracks each feel like their own mini-movie soundtrack, luring listeners in with their dramatic lyrics that dance across woozy basslines and intricate guitar patterns.

7. The Dare – Rescue Rooms – 1am

Playing the final set of this year’s Dot to Dot, Harrison Patrick Smith’s The Dare is spearheading the electroclash revival, the music a captivating blend of anthemic melodies and playful lyrics, reminiscent of the early-00’s indie-sleaze. With electrifying tracks like ‘Girls’ and ‘Good Time,’ The Dare promises to deliver a set filled with highlights. This is a rare opportunity to witness The Dare’s much-talked-about and exclusive performance, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for fans.

With these seven top acts on your radar, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience at Nottingham’s Dot to Dot Festival this weekend.

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