Towse Chase Dreams On ‘Feels Good’

Self-described manic, piano-pop group Towse release ‘Feels Good’ an uplifting hymn about resilience and chasing dreams.

Towse – Feels Good

Towse is a folk-pop act led by Californian singer Grace Fellows, currently based in London. Known for her piano and vocal talents, she is joined by fiddler and singer Corwin Zekley. Their music is distinguished by its unique sense of humour and theatrical flair, making it both highly entertaining and cathartic.

Towse’s extensive live experience has taken them to prominent venues in the UK and America, including the Troubadour in LA and the Old Blue Last in London. They have also performed as a supporting act for virtuoso musician Jon Gomm near Leeds, UK, and secured a slot at Sh’Bang! Festival in Washington State.

Their debut single, We’d Start a Garden, achieved a significant milestone, garnering over 10,000 streams since its release last year. Building on that success, their second track, Feels Good, is an upbeat gem about chasing your dreams and shedding what’s holding you back. This captivating melody is brought to life by the talents of Malta-born music producer Matteo Depares and Grammy-winning recording engineer John Baffa.

Featuring lively yet calm instrumentals, Feels Good embodies catchiness with a memorable hook, soft vocals, and hypnotizing beats. At just under three minutes and highlighted by its wonderful production, this is an auditory experience that will resonate with all the dreamers out there.

“Feels Good is a refreshing pop melody, both uplifting and irresistibly motivating.”

This past May 9th, Towse’s farewell show in London at the Servant Jazz Quarters marked a new chapter for the band as they prepare to return to America in June. With more shows to be announced soon, the future looks good for Towse.

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