Loome Shines On Emotive New Single ‘Day I Died’ Ahead Of Latitude Festival Set

Fresh off the announcement that he will be playing this year’s Latitude Festival, Suffolk alt-pop up-and-comer Loome shares his elegant, thoughtful, and melancholic second single, ‘Day I Died,’ released on May 1st. This track is a preview from his upcoming debut album, Astrohearts.

‘Day I Died’ reveals the more emotive side of Loome’s songwriting, blending emotional depth with pop sensibilities, and featuring beautifully placed alternative instrumentation. The track is built around restrained chorus-tinted guitar chords, fuzzy tones, and atmospheric twinkling synths. Loome’s elegant lead vocals glide effortlessly above the backing, delivering devastatingly honest and heartfelt lyrics.

As the song progresses into its chorus, lo-fi drums introduce a gentle pulse, complemented by a wide, vibrant lead synth that creates a lush backdrop for the infectiously catchy lead line. This careful arrangement highlights Loome’s ability to balance introspective lyricism with engaging pop melodies.

Talking about the single, Loome explains: “I’ve recently learned of a genetic disorder which I’ve been told by my doctor puts my first heart attack at the age of 38; I’m currently 33. So even with a pretty intense treatment plan in place, this feels like a death sentence. Writing songs has always been how I deal with emotions, so naturally, I locked myself in my studio whilst processing this bombshell.

Even though I am told I’ll live a long and healthy life with treatment, this was a huge wake-up call to how I was spending my time and what I wanted my life to be about. This song is specifically about THAT day and how even though I can change my future, I can’t change my past. Things I wish I had done differently will always ‘just be’ even if I drop dead tomorrow.”

Loome is the solo project and pseudonym of Suffolk-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and writer Tomas Frankson. With an instantly recognisable sound and songwriting approach, Loome has gained extensive Spotify editorial playlist support and continues to solidify his place as an exciting up-and-comer. Self-recorded and self-produced, Loome’s upcoming album, Astrohearts, showcases some of his best work to date, offering listeners a deeply personal and musically rich experience.

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