Greg Loftus Releases Americana Song “Miss Marigold”

Greg Loftus has released a fantastic song called “Miss Marigold.” The song is immediately captivating because of Greg Loftus’ storytelling lyrics and unique voice. This classic sounding country song is rich with pianos and a catchy vocal melody on verse and chorus. The chorus section blends into soul with a gorgeous background vocal section and a bright piano. As the pianos dance, the story unfolds in the lyrics. Each lyric paints a picture and is fully intentional, unfolding the character of Miss Marigold. Every word matters here.

“This is a song about getting over a relationship, in this case a marriage, and finally feeling closure after a long period of time. It is a song about resilience and renewal.” – Greg Loftus 


Listen to the song now on Spotify:

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