Wake Up People! Sack Teases Upcoming LP and Announces Tour Dates

Dublin-based 5-piece rock band “Sack” will surely take you for an adventure with their sound. “Wake Up People!” is their latest song to drop and it’s one that rock fans must hear. The song is the title track of Sack’s upcoming LP which was engineered by Ber Quinn (John Grant, Villagers) and mixed by Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers, The Who, Kylie). The record is set to drop later this year and Sack will be on tour to promote it all over Europe. The single “Wake Up People!” has a catchy vocal melody on its chorus sections to hook all who listen in to their unique sound. The verses feel experimental in nature, taking the listener on a sonic journey. Electric keyboards, bright guitars, pounding drums, and a souring retro synth are hallmarks of the song. The song transitions from section to section flawlessly while exploring chord progressions that are exciting, refreshing, and stay interesting throughout.

Listen to “Wake Up People!” now:

Catch the band Live this year:

24 May – DUBLIN – The United Arts Club

05 July – DUBLIN – The Purty Kitchen, DL Summer Fest

26 Oct – DUNDALK – Spirit Store

01 Nov – LONDON – 229 Club

14 Nov – FROME – Treehouse

15 Nov – MINEHEAD – Shiiine On Festival

23 Nov – DUBLIN – Button Factory

29 Nov – BELFAST – Voodoo

30 Nov – KILKENNY – Cleeres

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