Mary Middlefield’s “Poetry (for the scorned and lonely)” EP: A Raw Journey Through Toxic Love and Isolation

Mary Middlefield has released her 8 song EP “Poetry (for the scorned and lonely).” This album gives insights into toxic relationships, loneliness from feeling isolated and unloved, and a one-sided relationship that is on the fritz. Mary Middlefield sets up the story with “SEXLESS.” She introduces herself on this song, sharing her current experience. She finds herself unloved, single, and “SEXLESS.” Moody electric guitars set the tone for Mary to honesty share her truth. Her vocals float on top of the grungy guitars, allowing every lyric to be heard and consumed. As she sings “How did I get to this point?” the song builds around her.

The record drifts into “ATLANTIS.” We notice a drastic tempo change from the previous track into this one. A warm acoustic guitar strums, filling any space in the song. This acoustic ballad has a somber tone to it. Emotional lyrics set in. Mary Middlefield expresses her dedication to this seemingly toxic relationship. She sings: “I’d light myself on fire just to keep you warm.” and “I’d drown for you, just hold me tight.” A string section brings out even more emotions in the song. Track 3, “ALLODYNIA” is an extension of that string section, another taste. For a string arrangement, it’s quite psychedelic.

In almost the same tempo and picking pattern as “ALLODYNIA” an electric guitar comes in, setting the tone for the next song. “HEART’S DESIRE” is an intense song, and that strong emotion is felt from this song’s start to finish. The songwriting and musical composition is very mature and compelling. The electric guitar leads are my personal favorite part of this song as they bring the songs to another level.

“LOVE ME LOVE ME NOT” kicks off with a wall of acoustic guitars. The movement of the acoustic guitars is enough of a rhythm section to carry this song into a bigger sound. Mary Middlefield sings about a traumatic relationship where she is seemingly being abused. She is sending out signals for help to loved ones. She sings about the sacrifices that she is willing to make, or has made, for this relationship to work. This song could serve as a wake-up call for anyone that is currently in a similar position. It has the power to help someone.

On “YOUNG AND DUMB” we hear a full explanation of Mary Middlefield mindset throughout her abusive relationship. We hear about how she has now woken up to it and has since found a way out of it. Eerie guitars and synths carry this song to another level. The listener can now feel the tension of the relationship. The song erupts just before the 3-minute mark. This truly epic track is one of my personal favorites on this EP.

After this very intense song, we get to settle in with “LAST LETTER (Acoustic Version).” This song has pretty guitar picking and an even more gorgeous vocal delivery and performance. A soothing and catchy vocal melody carries this song. As the guitar chords change in unexpected ways, Mary Middlefield’s voice follows effortlessly, shining light on her incredible vocal abilities.

The title track wraps up the entire EP. The string section returns for “POETRY.” Stacked vocals bring soothing tones to the speakers. The string section, in combination with the vocal performance, brings extreme emotions to the listeners, pulling at their heartstrings.

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Written by Ryan Cassata


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