Move Like Creatures blend raw indie rock with sonic 80s pop

Emerging from Orange County in Los Angeles, indie rock trio Move Like Creatures are cutting through the iconic city with a blend of raw emotion and infectious energy.

Unleashing sonic pop melodies and 80s atmospherics, the band’s new single ‘Daggers’ instantly hits you with synth beats and pop vocals from lead singer Nancy Bombard. 

Formed from a serendipitous meeting sparked by a Craigslist ad, Move Like Creatures is a musical force comprised of Nancy, drummer Melissa Koziel, and guitarist Ryan Reynolds (no, not the actor!). The band’s synergy is unparalleled, crafting a sound that defies easy categorisation. Drawing on a kaleidoscope of influences ranging from indie rock to pop, with electronic flourishes woven seamlessly throughout, Move Like Creatures creates music that resonates with authenticity and emotion.

‘Daggers’, produced by LA producer/engineer Ethan Kaufmann (Ryan Cabrera, Avril Lavigne, Wild Party), emerges as a groovy number with a cascading chorus of guitars, vocals and drums coherently crashing down – its anthemic and completely captivating. 

The lyrics cut deep into the heart of the city’s hustle and heartache. It’s a track for the dreamers who’ve bled on Hollywood Boulevard, who’ve faced rejection like a casting call gone wrong. Like in the line “If you’ve got money and game no one takes any blame, isn’t it a strange place?” as Nancy encapsulates the bittersweet struggle of chasing fame and fortune in the City of Angels.

‘Daggers’ is now available on all major streaming platforms. Join Move Like Creatures on their journey through the highs and lows of artist life in “SoCal”, and experience the raw eclectic personalities that define their sound.

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