about-faces hit you with captivating and ethereal indie rock

Leeds indie rockers about-faces have been making considerable waves within the indie scene as they combine articulate melodies with lyrical insights that resonate with listeners on an emotional level. 

After initial success with debut release ‘Under the Sun’, the five-piece – comprising of Sennen (Vocals / Guitar), Danielle Capstick (Vocals / Piano / Synthesiser), Joseph Schofield (Drums), Nigel Ngwenya (Bass) and Cormac Connolly (Lead Guitar) – the band are are onto their most harmonic and celestial yet with their fourth single ‘Learn to Surf’.

With the devastating passing of Sennen Ludman’s (frontman’s) father, the late guitarist of the iconic northern punk band ‘Bedlam Ago Go’, the band formed in order to honour the memory of John. about-faces is a band that is wanting to make John Ludman proud.

‘Learn To Surf,’ is another song in John’s memory. With Cornwall being their safe-space through hard times and Sennen being named after Sennen Cove in the county, this song couldn’t be more hard-hitting and raw.

Sennen’s passionate delivery, coupled with harmonic vocals from Danielle, creates an ethereal soundscape that promotes ideas of hope and perseverance. The layering on this song is perfect as piano motif runs throughout, as each layer builds up, the guitar and bass make the song fluidly transform into a pulsating organism. The musical intricacies of ‘Learn to Surf’ becomes more prevalent with every listen.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Sennen said: “‘Learn to Surf’ seemed to be a message to myself, but in fact it’s an empowering message to anyone that needs it, a phrase that symbolises one of the most important values in life, ‘perseverance’.

“During a camping holiday, as I stared towards the Atlantic ocean, a friend, Noah, turned and softly spoke, ‘If you can’t stop the waves, learn to surf’. I asked him to repeat. I’m unsure whether it’s my poetic nature that made me cling to this moment, as nobody else responded the same way I did, in fact I’m unsure if anyone else even noticed. I jotted the phrase down as quickly as I could into my notes page on my phone, just in case my intoxicated brain would erase the moment, but I’m not convinced any amount of drink could wipe what I’d just heard.” 

This combination of story-telling poetry with arena ready hooks is setting about-faces apart from others in the indie scene. Having only been performing live for under a year they have already acquired a devoted and loyal fan base.

Featured image by Barnaby Fairley, Livestock Studios

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