Anna Salman – This Summer Won’t Last (EP)

Indie pop artist Anna Salman releases her debut EP, This Summer Won’t Last. Honestly, it sounds fantastic. You really get a feel for who Anna is as a person. She tells stories from the heart, which get transferred into your mind as you listen.

Not The One unlocks the EP with quiet guitars that take you on a cruise through the soundscape. Its lyrics point to the act of saying goodbye to someone after trying to save the relationship many times. Doing this is extremely difficult, but it may be necessary. I’d Like to Think talks about wanting to be someone’s great love, but also knowing you are replaceable, just as they are. Wonderful singing emphasizing the message being conveyed.

Summer underscores the moments following separation. You give everything you’ve got to close the chapter and move forward with new energy, despite obstacles still standing in your way. Things get a little more upbeat when Miracle Worker hits the speakers. Some punchy rhythms deliver excellent output. Blood Rush, featuring Turaab, sounds downtempo again, and it’s here that Anna discusses love’s ability to surprise. High School and Thanks for Not Loving Me tackle different stories, but both revolve around romance.

Anna shines the spotlight on her music in a magnificent way. This Summer Won’t Last is on par with Taylor Swift’s albums when it comes to writing. Check out the project below!

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